Principles of Responsible Gaming at Betwinner

Betwinner India is a licensed and reliable bookmaker who promotes responsible gambling principles. Our company has created a bookmaker service for entertainment and good leisure. Therefore, Betwinner does not welcome the destruction of life by gambling and gambling addiction. On this page, we will tell you how to detect addiction at an early stage and how to prevent it.

Principles of Responsible Gaming at Betwinner

Basic Rules

Gambling addiction is a difficult-to-treat form of psychological illness. It is dangerous because a person can lose all his money, as well as borrow from other people to play. Betwinner does not support the registration of gambling addicts in our service and does not develop it in any way. On the contrary, we fight gambling addiction with all sorts of methods and promote the principles of responsible gambling. Also in our service, players can use the tools to control the time of the game. Betwinner recommends following a few simple rules to avoid gambling addiction:

  • play for no more than 10% of your income;
  • do not borrow money for betting and gambling;
  • gambling should be one of many forms of entertainment;
  • alternate games with other leisure activities;
  • do not show excessive emotions about the loss;
  • do not try to win back the lost money;
  • take long pauses in games;
  • do not play while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you feel you cannot cope with your addiction alone, we offer the ability to control the game. You can put a self-restriction account for:

  • 3 months;
  • 6 months;
  • 9 months.

For the duration of self-restriction, all achievements in the account will be saved. The history of bets and balance replenishments will also be saved. Such a player’s account will be frozen for the specified period, without any changes. An account in self-restriction will not be activated until the freeze expires. After the expiration of the term, the player will be able to log in with his username and password.

How to Avoid Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction doesn’t come on suddenly. You can become a gambling addict if you do not follow the rules from the last heading. Also, people with an unstable psyche or other addictions are prone to gambling addiction. To avoid gambling addiction, pay attention to these signs of gambling addiction:

  • You notice that you are in a bad mood when you lose or do not play for a long time;
  • In the course of the game, you greatly increase the stakes when you win more often;
  • You lose more than 20% of your monthly income;
  • You do not want to communicate with loved ones and spend time differently, except for betting and gambling;
  • Likewise, you become angry and have no control over your emotions when you are forbidden to play.

If you notice such signs in yourself, immediately close your account and contact a specialist. There are similar psychologists who work with gambling addiction in every city and country. Also, such players can anonymously contact organizations that deal with the consequences of gambling addiction. Or use our self-control system and impose self-blocking of your account for a long time.